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If you don’t imagine it, you will never get there

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Realise your business dreams and ambitions with business growth support

“Good is the enemy of great”

“Greatness is a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.”

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Time and money, the most precious of resources and often one or the other is in short supply for many business owners. At Good2Great our purpose is to help you create more of both to provide you with choices for your business and your life.

It’s a stark fact that only 4% of business owners get to realise their dreams. About half of small businesses fail within the first four years and 24% simply survive.

At Good2Great we understand the pressures you face and how easy it is to become distracted from your core objectives when you’re trying to balance cash flow and grow your customer base while also maintaining a quality service.

That’s why we use ADVANCE2™, a unique process which helps you plan the way forward and implement the necessary changes that will enable you to achieve your commercial objectives while also spending time with your family, enjoying your hobbies and interests and generally doing the things that are important to you outside of the work environment.

Using proven systems, we work with you to examine all the key drivers of your business, including:

    • Marketing and Sales
    • Human Resources
    • Finance and administration
    • Production and operations
    • Personal development

Ultimately, our aim is to help you switch your focus – from working in your business to planning the development of your business.

Not only will this enable you to achieve sustainable, profitable business growth, but you will also have more freedom to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you only believed was possible if you became your own boss.

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Good2Great was formed in 2007 to dramatically improve the fortunes of owner operated businesses in and around Shropshire. Over that time, we’ve developed our systems and customer base and now provide regular support to thousands of businesses across the UK.

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