Discover your brilliance and then be brilliant…

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Is your business THE ONE? When writing these short briefings, we’re careful to try and strike a sensible balance between realism and optimism. We think it is important to accept that even if the current economic uncertainty isn’t yet affecting your business it is certainly affecting some of your customers and suppliers AND some of your competitors. The most important thing (And we’ve said this before) is to be the best at what you do, it’s important that your business is set up so that you’re THE most respected in your market sector; the company most trusted by customers and most envied by competitors.

Think about your business for a moment and imagine it as an animal - what do you want it to be? A lion? A gazelle? A killer whale? What ever animal you chose, it is unlikely that you chose ‘hedgehog’.

But why not?

Take a few moments to consider what humble hedgehogs have in their favour:

1. They’ve worked out what they can be brilliant at

2. They’ve worked out how to be brilliant at it

3. They stick to what they do brilliantly

When a fox decides to attack a hedgehog, does the would-be victim think, “shall I have a go at running away today?” NO! it rolls into a spiky impregnable ball just like it’s ancestor have done for 15m years! A worldclass strategy that is well implemented!

If being “world class” appeals to you, here are some questions for you to consider:

1. Who are my customers and what is their relationship with me? The most important reason why people buy from you is confidence

2. What is the range of my services and products? Think about how to have a range that is absolutely suited to meet the requirements of your best customers.

3. Can what I am doing be easily copied? Strategists talk about barriers to entry…

4. Am I able to get repeat business? Think about how to develop customers for life.

5. Who does my team work for? Typically the team in a company works for one of three people

1. They work for the owner “I work for Jim”

2. They work for the company “I work for ABC Ltd”

3. Or they work for themselves “I just work here for the money”

6. Is my company administration and book keeping well ordered? Poor admin always leads to poor service…

7. Do I have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate trends. It is how you measure success and focus effort on what’s important

8. Do I have a plan for Growth over the next 1 to 5 years?

9. What would happen to my business if I went away for 3 months? Is the business reliant on your personal knowledge and reputation? Or do customers look to speak to your team?

So, if you want to understand how you can discover your ‘hedgehog strategy’ by implementing the SmarterGrowth™ principles to grow your businesses, simply take a minute to watch this short presentation which will tell you how.

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