Is your business as solid as Religion?

In this edition of Something for the weekend we’re going to break a taboo and discuss religion. Like it, love it or loathe it, religion is all around us.

Just watch the news, there is no escaping it, religion is hugely influential on all our lives and society.

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So what’s this to do with business?

Now, we’re not about to espouse the benefits of one particular religion or seek to provide an insight into the meaning of life, what we’re going to focus on is how different religions exist as successful, enduring organisations. Most religions operate on the same basic core principles which provide us with some key parallels and lessons for business;

What makes a successful organisation?

Think about all the major faiths – they’ve all been around for hundreds - maybe thousands of years, so we know that they are long lasting (a good measure of success). They have millions of followers – another good indicator and all have strong organisational structures. So what are the 3 key things that keep these organisations so strong?

1. Vision

Religious belief – vision – is at the heart of any religion. This strongly held belief about how to live your life is the cornerstone around which the religion revolves. All businesses need vision

at their core.

2. Systems

With most religions there is usually a book of instructions which lays out the ground rules to be followed through instructions, stories and examples. These instructions are backed up by

a series of regular meetings, usually following a set agenda and format.

3. Leadership and Management Structures

There are well routed, established and respected hierarchies within the major faiths – many of which have not been ‘dabbled with’ for a long time. Everyone knows their place and knows

what’s expected of them. Leaders are consulted for guidance and strategy but delegation into manageable and accountable pockets is common practice.

Things to think about over the next few days:

1. Does my business have vision?

2. Do I have good systems in place?

3. Do I have a clear idea of who does what in my business?

4. And is this shared and understood by those in my business?

If you’d like help to unpick these questions and put in place a SmarterGrowth™ plan to reignite your

ambitions and plot your pathway to success, take a minute to watch this presentation and learn how::

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Is your business as solid as Religion?
In this edition of Something for the weekend we’re going to break a taboo and discuss religion....